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2019/20 Breeding Plan 

Taking Reservations Now

If you’re interested in placing a reservation please email us to have your name placed on our waiting list. Once the doe of your choice kids you will be contacted, and have 24 hours to accept and deposits must be received within 48hrs of notification. Kid will need to be picked up within 14 days of deposit, any kid that needs to stay more than 14 is subject to a board and care fee of $10 per day. All kids will be bottle raised. Breeder has the right to retain any kid at their discretion. Breeding Pair subject to change at anytime. Air Transport is the preferred options for kids especially across states lines. Buyer is responsible for all transport costs ( crates, airline tickets, health certificate, etc ).


SG Urban Acres Charming Troubadour +*B

   FCH Blackberry's Charcoal 

   Paradise Spirit *P 

   Urban Acres Buttons-N-Bows 

   Urban Acres GB Black Pepper   

   GCH Urban Acres Ken's Panamerica

   Santa Ynez Sage

   Santa Ynez Jade

   Santa Ynez Love in a Bottle   

   Santa Ynez Cinderella

   Big Hoof Hearted Luna   

   CA Blackberry's SYS Cassie

   CA Blackberry's ai Ginger Root

CA Blackberry's ai Still Hung

   Urban Acres TB Cayman

   Urban Acres TB Cabaret

   Urban Acres TB Mustang Sally

   Urban Acres Ken's Corvette

Santa Ynez Sonny

   Urban Acres RB Tore-Too

Urban Acres TB Bow-Tie

   CA Blackberry's TB Tesla

   CA Blackberry's UD Katerpillar

   CA Blackberry's SYS Brownie

War Cry Still Poseidon

   GCH Urban Acres GIJ Katerina 

Blackberry's Moon Man

   Blackberry's CML Saffron

   Blackberry's Destiny

   Blackberry's BH Shakespeare's Juliet

Blackberry's BH Vanquish *B

   Blackberry's SnowFlake Obsidian   

   Paradise Blackberry *P   

   VFMCH Dancing Goat Garden Seagal 2*P    

Blackberry's BH Speedster

   Blackberry's UDP Chapter One

Blackberry's BH Tissot

   Blackberry's UD Blue Eyed Karen

   Blackberry's Apricot


Blackberry's BMM Blue Quartz 

   Blackberry's BP Blue Valor Plum

   Blackberry's RBI SnowFlurry 

   Blackberry's CRB Accordion

Blackberry's BP After Party

   Blackberry's DP Willow Lane

   Urban Acres Memphis

These Does will be bred to a Mini Buck or Ai'd to a mini Buck

   Wooden-Bridge Solid Gold

   Wooden-Bridge Dream Weaver

   Wooden-Bridge Morning Dove

   Wooden-Bridge Pigman's Legacy

   Wooden-Bridge Black Swan

   Wooden-Bridge Last Call 

Urban Acres PP Doppelgänger

   CA Blackberry's WaterFall

   CA Blackberry's Peach Blossom

   Argonne's Avalanche  

CA Blackberry's Peter Pan

   Urban Acres CRF-BH Vidalii

   Argonne's Mud Pie

CA Blackberry's Gaston

   Urban Acres CRF-BH MoonStone

   Argonne's Flash Flood

Urban Acres Polaris ( ai Breeding )

   CA Blackberry's Beauty



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