2022/23 Breeding Plan 

Taking Reservations Now

If you’re interested in placing a reservation please email us to have your name placed on our Reservation list. Reservations requires a $100.00 non refundable deposit. In the event your kid of choice is not available your deposit can be rolled over to second choice kid and or the following year. Kid will need to be picked up within 14 days ( 30 days old if being air transported ) of being contacted, any kid that needs to stay more than 14 Days ( 30 days old if being air transported ) is subject to a board and care fee of $10 per day. All kids will be bottle raised. Breeder has the right to retain any kid at their discretion. Breeding Pair subject to change at anytime without notice. Air Transport is the preferred options for kids especially across states lines. Buyer is responsible for all transport costs ( crates, airline tickets, health certificate, etc ). 

Note: Goats can be born with different patterns, coat colors, eye color, polled or not. We do not take reservations based on color preference. Reservations are based on parent pairing and gender only.


GCH Big Hoof Hearted Luna 2*M
GCH CA Blackberry's ai Ginger Root​ 1*M
GCH Urban Acres TB Mustang Sally 6*M
GCH Santa Ynez Cinderella 1*M
GCH Urban Acres TB Cayman4*M
GCH  Urban Acres GIJ Katerina 5*M
GCH CA Blackberry's TB Tesla 4*M
CA Blackberry's SYS Brownie
CA Blackberry's TB Pumpkin Pie 1*M
CA Blackberry's TB Mat Trang 3*M
CA Blackberry's TB Spicy Gingr
CA Blackberry's Dime Piece
CA Blackberry's WP Glass Slipper
CA Blackberry's WP Duchess Kat
CA Blackberry's WP Artemis
CA Blackberry's WP Pininfarina
CA Blackberry's Meri's Minerva
CA Blackberry's BC Cherry Pie
Ca Blackberry's HRL Mahina
Ca Blackberry's IZ U Veneta
Ca Blackberry's IZ Watch 
Ca Blackberry's IZ Royal Ann
Ca Blackberry's IZ U That Girl
Ca Blackberry's Phat Dime
Ca Blackberry's Phat Diana
Notre Belle Vie BC Countess
Ca Blackberry's IZ U Drizella
Nigerian Dwarfs
CA Blackberry's WaterFall 1*M
CA Blackberry's Peach Blossom 1*M
Urban Acres CRF-BH Vidalii 4*M
Urban Acres CRF-BH MoonStone 4*M
Argonne's Mud Pie 4*M
CA Blackberry's Xmas Wishes
CA Blackberry's Heaven 2 Betsy 1*M
CA Blackberry's Halley's Comet
CA Blackberry's Sand Storm 5*M
CA Blackberry's BH Nellie Bly
CA Blackberry's UD Tsunami
Ca Blackberry's Lace Bark Pine
Ca Blackberry's Beatrix
Ca Blackberry's Daffodil
Ca Blackberry's Reality Stone
Ca Blackberry's Bisland
Ca Blackberry's Japan Tsunami
Ca Blackberry's Halebopp Comet
Ca Blackberry's Blue Belle
Ca Blackberry's UD Geranium
Ca Blackberry's UD Lady Bug
Notre Belle Vie WM Haiku
Notre Belle Vie Miracle Berry
Mini Nubians/Nubian
Paradise Blackberry *P