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Ca Blackberry's Semen for sale

Semen Sale Policy

All semen most be paid in full to secure 

It's the buyers responsibility to arrange to take possession of semen.

All semen sales are final and non refundable.

Seller offers free transport of semen to ADGA Convention or ADGA Nationals when attending with prior arrangements

In the event buyer can not pick up at Convention or Nationals it is the buyers responsibility to send a shipper tank fully charged with a return label for FedEx to seller on or before 12-31-of the current year. Seller will transfer semen to buyers shipper tank within 24 hours and drop off at FedEx with prepaid shipping label from buyer.

If buyer fails all of the above by 12-31-of the current year semen will be forfeited and will return to sellers inventory.

Nigerian Dwarf
D1735644 Castle Rock GN BlackHeart
D1776312 Castle Rock Red Hot Saracha
D1800372 Dill’s TS Six String Circus
D1784885 Gladdie Acres Indecnt Proposal
D2085628 Spring Water AL Pie In Yer Eye
D1514378 Urban Acres Blue Skywalker
D1971671 Urban Acres CRF-BH Fabio
D1675522 Urban Acres PP Doppelgänger
D0731329 Urban Acres WCT-Hewitt

N2165854 Ca BlackBerry’s Phat Cadillac
N2077431 Ca BlackBerry’s TB Count Luna
N1243951 LynnHaven SQ Augustus
N1204286 LynnHaven E Joshua
N1028757 LynnHaven P Picasso
N1688653 Mojave-Dunes Siennas Playboy
N1296627 Urban Acres Charming Troubadour
N1844298 Urban Acres Doppelbock
N1546157 Urban Acres Mercury
N1819323 Urban Acres YDA Sweet Harvest
N1949182 Urban Acres TB Bow-Tie *B
N1640132 Urban Acres TB Mongo
N2039840 War Cry’s Still Poseidon
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