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Blackberry's Houdini

5th Generation

D.O.B. 02/28/17

G6S Normal

Sire: Cornerstone Farms Moon Light

   SS: Echo Hill's Winchester

   SD: Cornstone Farms Glitter

Dam: Blue Oak's Black Magic *P

   DS: Fertile Earth Alchemist

   DD: Blue Oak's Shot Silver

Blue Oak's Black Magic

Houdini's Dam

2017 Summer V Show 

Judge: Katie Wolf

Best Junior Buck in Show is the Mini-Nubian.  He has the advantage in general appearance, 
being more uphill to the withers and stronger in the chine.  In body capacity, he is deeper in his barrel.

Judge: Katie Wolf

Junior buck champion will be the Senior Buck kid. He excels the two younger bucks in the lineup in body capacity, especially being deeper throughout.  
He has the advantage in general appearance over the junior yearling, having a longer bone pattern. 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

 Entry J places over Entry H for his advantage in General Appearance.  He is stronger and straighter in the topline, especially in the chine and loin with smoother blending to the rump. 

Judge: Katie Wolf

J places over I for general appearance, being more moderate in angulation through the hock in side profile.  He is also slightly stronger through the chine and wider between the hocks.  He yields to the depth of rear rib of I.

Cornerstone Farms Moon Light

Houdini's Sire
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