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Blackberry's Mini Nubian Bucks

Reference Buck
Paradise Volcano
4th Generation
D.O.B. 07/21/14
Friendly strong buck. His mom has a beautiful, soft udder with open orifices. He has Moonspots in his genes. 
Sire: Paradise Orion 
   SS: Paradise Hercules
   SD: Fertile Earth Briar Rose
Dam: Paradise Magma
   DS: Paradise Esteban
   DD: Blue Oak's Black Magic 
Reference Buck
Paradise Money
3rd Generation 
D.O.B. 02/26/14
Love Money's color and he passes amazing colors to his kids. He's almost full grown and he still has a friendly personality. He has amazing milk genes behind him!
Sire: Paradise Hercules 
   SS: Fertile Earth Farm Alchemist 
   SD: Paradise Sally
Dam: Fertile Earth Farm Briar Rose
    DS: Blue Oak's Legends Begin 
    DD: Blue Oak's Compass Rose 


Reference Goat
Paradise Hollister
3rd Generation
D.O.B. 02/12/14
Sire: Paradise Zeus
   SS: Blue Oak's Talisma 
   SD: Paradise Poppy
Dam: Paradise Shiona
   DS: Paradise Talisma 
   DD: Blue Oak's Blackheart Inertia
Paradise Peter
3rd Generation
65.52% Nubian/34.48% Nigerian
Nice coloring and his personality is so friendly! He'll come up for pets and attention. Piper is his mom so he has BIG milk genes behind him. He's been proven and has created some amazing babies with colors on them
Cornerstone Farm Moon Light 
5th Generation 
D.O.B. 02/16/12
56.24% Nubian/43.76% Nigerian


Beth Re'im George Washington
1st Generation 
D.O.B. 03/22/17
50.00% Nubian/50.00% Nigerian



Daystar's 7 Wonders
3rd Generation Mini Nubian
D.O.B. 04/08/15
1 Grand Champion Leg
2 Daughters who each earned Grand Champion Legs and Best in Show
Blackberry's Houdini
5th Generation 
D.O.B. 02/28/17
58.90% Nubian/41.10% Nigerian
G6S Normal Tested and by Parentage
Semen Collected
Blackberry'Jolly Ol Saint Nick
4th Generation 
D.O.B. 12/25/16
67.88% Nubian/32.20% Nigerian
G6S Normal by Parentage
Semen Collected

Blackberry's PP Old Guy
4th Generation
D.O.B. 03/03/18
% Nubian/% Nigerian
G6S Normal by Parentage
Semen Collected

Blackberry's CML Party Over Here

1st Generation 

D.O.B. 02/10/2018

78.12% Nubian/21.88% Nigerian


Sire: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

  SS: Echo Hill's Winchester

  SD: Cornstone Farms Glitter

Dam: Urban Acres GB Black Pepper

   DS: Urban Acres Rev's Garth Brooks *B

   DD: SGCH Urban Acres Caynene 4*M

Blackberry's BH Prince Charming

1st Generation Mini Nubian Buck

D.O.B. 0//2019

79.45% Nubian/ 20.55% Nigerian

Sire: Blackberry’s Houdini

       SS: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

       SD: Blue Oak’s Black Magic *P

     Dam: Santa Ynez Cinderella

       DS: Wooden-Bridge Big’s Proud Hero

       DD: Wooden-Bridge Cat-s CherryBoat

Charming has Earn Grand Champion and Best Jr Buck in Show. Dam has 2 Grand Champions, Best in Show, 19th overall at ADGA Nationals. Sire earned Grand Champion, Best in Jr Buck in Show. LitterMate Sister has earned Grand Champion, Best in Jr Doe in Show

VCH River Bottom Ranch Idaho

6th Generation

G6S Normal

Blackberry's BM SpaceX *B

2nd Generation 

D.O.B. 01/23/2020

72.34% Nubian/ 27.66% Nigerian

G6S Normal By Parentage

Sire: VMCH Blackberry's Moon Man +*B

  SS: Paradise Peter +B

  SD: Paradise Spirit *P

Dam: Blackberry's CML Saffron *P

   DS: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

   DD: Urban Acres Black Pepper

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