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Blackberry's Jolly Ol' Saint Nick

4th Generation

D.O.B. 12/25/16

G6S Normal By Parentage

Sire: VMCH Blackberry's Moon Man +*B

   SS: Paradise Peter +B

   SD: Paradise Spirit *P

Dam: Blackberry's Jackie

   DS: Paradise Holister

   DD: Fertile Earth Ivy

2017 Summer V Show 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

I placed the Mini Nubian Jr Buck Reserve Champion as the Jr. Yearling Buckling for his General Appearance.  
He has a straighter topline uphill to his withers, smooth blending of the loin into the rump, a more desirable slope
 to the rump and he shows better angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side.  

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Entry A in General Appearance because he has a nice level topline with a little more height in the withers along with good angulation in his rear legs.

Judge: Katie Wolf

Single entry junior yearling showing a lot of strength in general appearance, being really level and fairly correct in feet and legs.  He is balanced in body capacity.  I’d like to see more length of bone and a higher escutcheon.

Blackberry's Jackie

Nick's Dam

VMCH Blackberry's Moon Man +*B

Nick's Sire

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