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Blackberry's CML Party Over Here

1st Generation


78.12% Nubian/21.88% Nigerian

Sire: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

  SS: Echo Hill's Winchester

  SD: Cornstone Farms Glitter

Dam: Urban Acres GB Black Pepper

   DS: Urban Acres Rev's Garth Brooks *B

   DD: SGCH Urban Acres Caynene 4*M

Urban Acres GB Black Pepper

Party's Dam

Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

Party's Sire

Blackberry's BP After party

Party's 2019 Buckling

Blackberry's BP Blue Valor Plum

Party's 2019 Doeling

Blackberry's BP Mini Berry

Party's 2019 Doeling

Blackberry's CML Saffron

Party's Litter Mate Sister

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