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Paradise Peter

3rd Generation

D.O.B. 04/30/14
Sire: Paradise Zeus
   SS: Blue Oak's Talisma
   SD: Paradise Poppy
Dam: Blue Oak's Piper Club
   DS: Blue Oak's Legend Begins
   DD: Dream Weaver's Crashlanding

Blue Oak's Piper Club

Peter's Dam

Paradise Zeus

Peter's Sire

Blackberry's Sugar Snap Pea 2*P

Peter's Doeling from 2015 Earned her Milk Star as a 1st time freshner

Blackberry's Moon Man

Peter's Buck from 2015

Blackberry's Mallory

Peter's Doe from 2015
2016 MDGA Fall 1st place in her division

Blackberry's Mr Beans

Peter's Buckling from 2015

Blackberry's Rosemary

Peter's Doeling from 2015

Blackberry's Rihanna

Peter's Doeling from 2017

Blackberry's Annette Funicello

Peter's Doeling from 2017

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