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Soaring Heart's Queen Latifah
2nd Generation 
D.O.B. 02/02/14
Sire: CH Soaring Heart's King of Pop
   SS: Cornerstone Farm Napoleion
   SD: Echo Hill's Lady Grace *P
Dam: Cherry Butte Ruth
   DS: Odeon Naughty Boy
   DD: Cherry Butte Cloud

2017 Summer V Show 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

I placed the Mini Nubian Sr Doe as Best Doe in Show.  
She has the stronger straighter topline with better blending of her neck into the withers, wider in the loin, good width in her chest floor and between 
the hocks with good angulation of the rear legs when viewed from the side and rear, a moderate brisket and her shoulders are flatter when viewed from the top.

Judge: Lavinia Allen

I placed the Mini Nubian Sr Milking Doe Champion as the 3 year old Doe for her General Appearance.  
She has a long lean neck, well extended brisket, wide chine and loin uphill to her withers, 
smooth blending of the loin into her rump which is almost level with her back. 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

1.       Entry B over Entry E, this doe caught my eye for her overall General Appearance and dairy character in this class of SR does.  She shows clear dairy wedges from all sides, has a long level topline with a slight slope to the rump and higher withers.

Judge: Katie Wolf

Close top pair but B places over A for general appearance, with greater length of body and levelness from hips to pins.  In body capacity, she is wider and deeper into the chest floor. 

Cherry Butte Ruth

Queen's Dam

Pictures courtesy of Screaming Goat Farm

CH Soaring Hearts King of Pop

Queen's Sire
Pictures courtesy of Screaming Goat Farm
G6S Normal by testing

Blackberry's Rihanna

Queen's Doeling from 2017

Blackberry's Annette Funicello

Queen's Doeling from 2017

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