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2019 Breeding Plan for River Bottom Ranch Idaho

Taking Reservations Now

We reserve the right to retain any kids that would improve the quality of our breeding program.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.52.37 PM.png
River Bottom Ranch Idaho 6th Gen. 53.62% Nubian 46.38% Nigerian
    Will be bred with the following Does below
Blackberry's SnowFlake Obsidian 4th Gen. 67.88% Nubian 32.20% Nigerian
     Kids will be 5th Gen. % Nubian % Nigerian
Due Date 
More Info
Blackberry's Destiny 1st Gen. Grade 78.88% Nubian 35.56% Nigerian
     Kids will be 2nd Gen. Grade 64.44% Nubian % Nigerian
Due Date 
Blue Oak's Black Magic *P 4th Gen. 63.22% Nubian 36.78% Nigerian
     Kids will be 5th Gen. % Nubian % Nigerian
Due Date 
Sold and now lives in AZ
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