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Daystar's Heavenly Sunshine

6th Generation

D.O.B. 03/22/15
Sire: W4's Sir Royal Roan
   SS: Crooked H Black Magic
   SD: Echo Hill's Sweetie's Sonora
Dam: Daystar's Easter Blossom 2*P
   DS: Echo Hill's BN Bonanza
   DD: Daystar's Phoebe *P

2017 Summer V Show 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Entry B has an advantage over Entry F in General Appearance showing better blending of neck into withers, sharper wither and less slope to the rump.

Judge: Katie Wolf

B places over F for dairy character, being longer and leaner in the neck, and for mammary system.  She is stronger in her medial suspensory ligament and higher in her rear udder, although notably, F has front toes pointing more directly forward than B.

Daystar's Easter Blossom 2*P

Sunshine's Dam
Pictures courtesy of Daystar's Farm

W4's Sir Royal Roan

Sunshine's Sire
Pictures courtesy of Breezee Creek Farm

Blackberry's Little Miss Sunshine

Sunshine's Doeling from 2017
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