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Beth Re'im George Washington

1st Generation

D.O.B. 03/22/17
Sire: WRRanch Hydrox
   SS: Camanna TM Blue Pretty Fox
   SD: WRRanch Dough-Si-Dough
Dam: Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki

2017 Summer V Show 

Judge: Lavinia Allen

Entry C places over Entry F in General Appearance.  He is stronger and straighter in the topline with better blending of the loin into the rump 

Judge: Katie Wolf

He yields to the depth of rear rib of C, for which C is to be commended.

Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki

Washington's Dam

Pictures Courtesy of Beth Re'im

WRRanch Hydrox

Washington's Sire
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